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Angry Scotsman Brewing

By J. Michael Bell

Once a month, the Friends of Midtown Mutts Dog Park visit local eateries and bar/breweries that profess to be pet friendly. Through our visits, we are able to ascertain just how pet friendly they truly are. For our reviews, we use a five-paw ranking system. No paw raised means the business is pretending to be dog friendly in order to get a percentage of the revenue that dog owners bring to the table of commercial relevance. Five paws raised mean the business is truly dog and owner friendly. At this time, our efforts primarily focus on establishments in Midtown and immediate surrounding areas of Oklahoma City, but we are not opposed to venturing out to other areas.

On Dec. 14, our group decided to visit a new, local craft brewery in town called Angry Scotsman Brewing, located at 704 W. Reno Ave. (the corner of South Lee and Reno Avenue).  They welcome kids, dogs and outside food since they do not have a grill or restaurant on-site. We meet up at the dog park, but the day was chilly, so our stay at the park was only for an hour. However, it was enough time for the pups to get acquainted with one another. There was even enough time to meet a wayward traveler from Arkansas named Melbin and his dog Bruce. We invited them to the event to be our honored guests and help us judge the dog friendliness of this particular venue.

Upon our arrival, it was immediately noticeable that this venue was extremely dog friendly. There were water bowls next to our reserved table and a jar of dog treats right in the middle. The pups’ mouths were drooling; it was evident they felt very comfortable and welcomed at Angry Scotsman. We were even informed about their plans to begin making treats from the leftover beer mash.

With the weather being what it is in Oklahoma, and how chilly the day turned out, I am thankful Mika Garnett helped to choose an indoor place—no fighting for places next to the heater at this venue. Although I’m certain during warmer parts of the year, the patio will host plenty of dogs.

There are several comfortable seating areas inside the brewery, including an area set up much like a living room with standard sofas and chairs for friends to hang out. There are two long tables, each easily accommodating 16 people, and there are several smaller tables that could each comfortably seat four.

With Angry Scotsman not having a grill, it was necessary for us to decide on an outside source from which to order dinner. Angry Scotsman actually makes it very easy as they have placards set out on the table directing patrons to a few delicious, local restaurants that will deliver right to your table, or you can always utilize Postmates or any of the other food delivery services. For us, this time, we elected to try one of the suggested restaurants, Joey’s Pizza. Our group purchased three large pizzas and some hot wings. 

The beers offered at the Angry Scotsman were quite tasty. I had one of their spicy blends called Gateway to Helles. The Rusty Kiltpin was another popular beer. The selection was not the largest in town, but the taste and environment made up for any loss in selection. Several times the manager came by to check on us and ensure everything was satisfactory. In total honesty, I think she just wanted to pet the dogs.

This was pretty much a unanimous decision for our entire group of the day. Angry Scotsman receives five paws up by both dogs and people for being a very dog-friendly place to have an outing. Remember kids are welcome, too, so you could actually have a family gathering here. Beware, though, groups larger than 25 are considered a private party.

Friends of Midtown Mutts will most definitely recommend Angry Scotsman to all our friends.


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