The Possum Is Awesome:

Man’s (Solitary) Other Best Friend Story and Photo by Kim Doner Over the years, I’ve lost count of how many people insist they want to turn wildlife into pets (or, worse, they bragged they had done so). The list has been endless: crows, raccoons, squirrels, owls and bunnies are the most common species desired. I […] read more >

Springtime Tips

A warm weather checklist to keep your pet happy and healthy all season long By Travis Brorsen Pet Exert, Trainer and TV Host Springtime is an exciting time, especially if you have pets. This is the time of year we can get out and about with our fur babies. It’s also a time when many […] read more >


3 Tips for New Pet Foster Parents By Travis Brorsen Pet Expert, Trainer and TV Host There you are at the supermarket, visiting with your friend about how much you love dogs. As you continue chatting, you can tell someone is listening to your conversation. It’s not long before the lady down the milk aisle […] read more >

Guinea Pig Basics for Owners

Do’s and Don’ts for a happy, healthy guinea pig By Lauren Cavagnolo Whether you bring them into your home or the classroom, guinea pigs—also known as cavies— can make great pets. But for first-time owners, there are some do’s and don’ts to be aware of before making a commitment. Guinea pigs were brought to Europe […] read more >


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