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Moving to a New Home With Pets?

Six Must-Dos

by Nick Burton

When relocating to a new home includes pets, your move may look a little different. No matter how easygoing your pets may seem, change can be difficult for our animal companions. And moving to a new home and adjusting to all of the new sights, sounds and experiences can take some time. It can also require you to make a few extra plans with your pet in mind, including these six essential steps to keep your critters safe, secure and happy.

Schedule a Wellness Exam

Before you set off for your new home, it’s always a good idea to make time for a checkup at the vet. That way you know that all vaccinations are updated ahead of your move, and you can pick up any necessary prescriptions. If you’re worried about your furry kids being anxious during the move, talk to your vet about supplements and medications that can provide some relief. For more pet health and wellness tips check out Tulsa Pets Magazine.

Look for Pet-Friendly Movers

Researching local movers should be the next item on your to-do list. Leave yourself plenty of time to check reviews, and make sure that the company you hire is truly pet-friendly. Movers that have experience working around pets may be less likely to let your pet out or do anything to upset your fur baby. If your movers need access to all areas of your home during the move, you may also want to think about dropping your pets off with a local pet sitter.

Pick Up Moving Supplies

Even with movers helping you out, you’ll still need to pack. So start looking now for packing supplies, including boxes, tape and bubble wrap. Also, keep in mind whether you will need any special supplies to pack your pet’s belongings. Now is also a good time to budget for any travel gear needed to keep your pets safe and comfortable during your trip. This includes travel bowls, car restraints and window shades.

Book Pet-Friendly Hotels

Keeping your trip as low stress as possible will make it easier to settle into your new home once you arrive. One crucial step in preventing stress is booking a pet-friendly hotel room and calling ahead to confirm any pet rules or restrictions. That last part is important because while several popular hotel chains are pet-friendly, many operate like franchises. So not all hotels belonging to these brands may be pet-friendly, and even more will have breed, size and species restrictions.

Connect Utilities ASAP

Your pets will need some time to explore and adjust once you get to your new place. They will also need a little extra attention from you, so you may want to avoid being distracted by essential tasks like connecting utilities. Try to take care of these connections ahead of time, including getting your new home connected to high-speed internet. Verizon can be a reliable option, even in rural areas, but be sure to compare plans to see which is best for your family.

Find Tricks to Soothe Pets

Another bonus to having your internet connection set up ahead of time is that you can play calming online videos for your pets if you do need to step out. There are options for dogs and cats, each with relaxing sounds and music. These videos are a lifesaver for anxious pets and stressed out pet parents, so be sure to throw them on anytime your pets seem stressed.

Planning a move with pets and helping them settle into a new home can be pretty simple. At the end of the day, just remember that the most important thing your pets need right now is quality time with you and your family. So while the other steps on this list can certainly come in handy and help keep your pets healthy, making sure you have time to help them adjust is absolutely essential.

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